Water Therapy: How to derive maximum health benefits from water

Water is a basic, natural and indispensible endowment from God to support the life He, God graciously granted to man. It is an essential part of our lives and one of the primary elements needed for human survival. Scientifically, water has two essential elements called hydrogen and oxygen. It forms a huge percentage (more than 60%) of our body weight and we simply cannot live without this essential part of our bodies.

Large numbers of people are yet to realize how important water and sufficient hydration are for ideal overall human health. Researchers have discovered water therapy and use for centuries, as great provider of essential hydration to the body with many additional health benefits that reduce ill health symptoms. Few people are beginning to understand th

at water is an absolute necessity for the basic body functions. Be ready to act and witness the amazing benefits of water therapy within one or two weeks. Your skin will look elastic, glowing from within and you will feel healthy and younger. Your digestive functions will be boosted and you will feel rejuvenated and energized throughout your daily functions. This miracle liquid is responsible for maintaining the body’s temperature and fluid levels; aiding digestion, absorption and transportation of nutrients, and many other vital functions in our body.

Mayo Clinic, reports that a recent study found the need of water consumption for men and women to be different. The report says that the daily need of water for men and women are about 3 and 2.2 litres respectively.

Water therapy is very significant in many Asian medical practices – from Ayurveda to traditional Japanese medicine. The centuries of Asiatic water therapy practice is believed to be the reason of their longest life expectancy of above 100years.Top of FormBottom of Form Presently, the Japanese take this advice quite seriously and practice a certain kind of water therapy that promotes weight loss and fitness.

Water therapy, when done methodically and consistently can help in fighting various human health problems. The objective of this document on water therapy is to encourage and sustain the use of water in our daily lives to balance and regulate our health.  However, water therapy is not recommended for people who are pregnant, the very elderly or have kidney problems unless under strict medical counsel and supervision



Water serves many purposes in life, but we will concentrate on the use of pure and drinkable water which is essential for the performance of several body functions. It is best to start each day with early morning water therapy before brushing. Drink a litre of fresh, non-carbonated lukewarm or warm water on empty stomach while sitting down to avoid hindering the digestion process. After drinking, stay seated for about 5-10 minutes, then brush your teeth and keep the stomach empty for the next 35- 40 minutes before you eat. This will make the water to settle and stimulate in your system the needed peristaltic actions that will promote bowel evacuation and micturition.

For maximum benefits to be achieved from food we eat, stop eating and drinking at the same time. This will help to check food wash-out and over-dilution effects. However, for people who do experience some discomforts like hiccup as soon as they start eating, a little quantity of water can be taken few minutes before eating, to wet and lubricate the digestive system. Then after each meal, it is healthier to wait for 30-50 minutes before drinking water.  At nights, lukewarm or warm water should be the last thing you take before sleeping. You should aim at drinking 3-5 litres of water daily at moderate intervals. Remember to sit down each time you want to drink water. A routine and proper adherence to this water therapy, among other good health benefits; keeps your digestion sufficiently active, checks diseases and body weight, and completely cleanses your body from toxic wastes.

It is believed that storing boiled water in a copper vessel overnight and adding little lemon or lime or honey or ginger powder or a teaspoon of freshly crushed ginger to it before drinking can help to enhance the health benefits. Researches show that the rich vitamin and mineral content of lime or lemon or honey or ginger are useful for flushing toxins called “ama” from the gastrointestinal tract and facilitating optimal functioning of the body. Also, storing the boiled water in a copper vessel overnight has added advantages, including killing microbes in the water. It must be noted that you just have to be ready to urinate which is part of the cleansing process. Start water therapy today and enjoy amazing good health outcome tomorrow.


Water therapy is a hydrotherapy technique that provides varieties of health benefits. Sufficient research reports by water therapy experts from Japan, China and Ayurveda indicate that drinking water first thing in the morning kick-starts metabolism and do wonders in our overall health. Most of the ailments start with unhealthy digestive system. Water therapy relieves stress, promotes weight loss and ensures strong digestive system.  It keeps adherents energetic throughout the day. Drinking enough water daily boosts metabolism.  Drinking water immediately after waking up every morning has profound effect on the body functions and provides cure for diverse ailments. The experienced health benefits of water therapy include:


Early morning drinking of water even before brushing, keeps your digestion on and serves as good natural antidote for health problems like diarrhea and other gastric disorders, which are usual outcome of improper digestion. Also this water therapy helps the blood vessels to dilate; and promotes better food digestion and other body metabolic functions. The dilatation of blood vessels has ripple effect in helping to reduce heart trouble for some people due to the vasodilatory effect triggered by warm water. Many people skip or struggle to eat breakfast which is considered the most important meal of the day. Drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach can actually increase your appetite for breakfast due to warm water-mediated activities in the digestive system.



Water therapy is capable of boosting the performance of the gastrointestinal tract by thoroughly flushing out toxins and maintaining the pH balance of our body thereby minimizing the incidences of problems like digestive trouble or acne and blemishes on our body. It also reduces our kidneys’ workload by diluting toxins which the kidneys can easily process thereby keeping in check kidney problems. Water therapy simply cleans and detoxifies our system and gives it a good start in readiness for the rest of the day’s activities. Researches show that while sleeping, the body goes through a natural process of self repairing and cleaning. This causes the deposit of excess amount of wastes/toxins in the body. Drinking water early in the morning will flush these deposits accumulated during the night out of the body through urine.

 Fighting of Illnesses

Just by drinking safe water, huge expenses on drugs or diagnosis and other medical fees for a host of diseases will be avoided. The therapeutic benefits of drinking warm water are enormous and amazing. The Japanese water therapy practitioners reported that strict adherence to the morning water regimen can put off problems as diverse as obesity.  Researched reports from Japanese medical society and true witnesses attest that as water cleanses digestive system, women with menstrual issues or people suffering from diabetes, back pain, headaches, angina, body aches, kidney stones, high blood pressure, migraines, tuberculosis (TB), allergies, arthritis, epilepsy, obesity, fast heart beat, asthma, bronchitis, all eye diseases, ear, nose and throat diseases, meningitis, diarrhea, vomiting and piles experience 100 percent symptoms relief with water therapy. Research has also proved that water therapy alone can cure these conditions very rapidly without other medical treatments. Water therapy alleviates constipation within a day, diabetes within one week; and hypertension, asthma, piles and even cancer within a month. Water also increases the efficiency of our immune system by balancing the lymphatic system, and it is an effective medication for ulcer. Every night, before going to bed, gargle at least 4-5 times with warm water mixed with salt to alleviate dental problems. Also, in case of toothaches, use warm water and salt for 5-7 days to do your routine brushing of teeth.

Sanitizer and emollient

Hot water serves as sanitizer and promotes adequate blood circulation; soothes, hydrates and softens the skin in preparation for topical drug administration. Clean towel soaked in hot water is used to massage the entire body of a woman and a newborn for weeks after delivery. Also clean towel or cloth soaked in hot water is applied on wound, bruise, sprain, strain or dislocation as massage to improve and hasten healing process in any affected body part(s). Maximum benefit is derived from this topical water therapy when applied consistently every morning and night for two to four weeks. Occasional hot water bath is fantastic in relieving body pains and discomforts. It should be noted that the hotness of the water should be at tolerable state, usually at the temperature of less than 1000C.


When water therapy is routinely observed, your stomach will be fully ready to absorb all the nutrients from the food you eat throughout the day. This good outcome comes from proper breakdown and digestion of food which make bowel movements easier, thereby preventing bloating and chronic constipation after meals.

Weight reduction

It has been reported that water therapy regulates appetite and body fat, serving as a weight reduction regimen. People should not misinterpret the body’s signals of thirst for hunger which usually end up in overeating instead of drinking to meet the body’s water requirement timely. Water therapy helps to prevent practitioners from eating more food than their body need daily. Also, drinking appropriate volume of fresh and non-carbonated water promotes new cell formation which can lead to muscle growth and weight reduction since water has no calories. Scientifically, drinking water has been proven to contribute to our body’s ability to burn calories.Our eating habits also promote the weight reduction benefits of water therapy. Researches indicate that you can experience weight lost after few days of regular practice of eating breakfast before 7am, lunch before 1pm and supper or dinner before 6.30pm. Drinking of plenty water,and eating of fruits, vegetables and nuts in-between the meal times are good.

Prevention of dehydration

Dehydration is one of the fatal complications of many diseases. Dehydration can cause the skin to look drier and older than a person’s skin really is. By using water therapy, toxins in the body are flushed out, which helps to restore the hydration and the natural skin glow. Dehydration slows body functions and metabolism.  Some of the diseases which can be aggravated by dehydration include rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, headache, migraine, kidney stones, diarrhea, hypertension, sinusitis and irregular menstruation. Water therapy helps in preventing and curing the dehydration-related complexes of these diseases and improving the overall well-being of the affected patients. Also, water therapy energizes the body throughout the day by keeping the body sufficiently hydrated for daily metabolic functions. It should be emphasized that fresh and non-carbonated water is the best option for optimal hydration. Our body needs adequate volume of water to properly function, especially during exercise, and dehydration prohibits this fat-burning process. Drinking water regularly flushes toxins out our body including those produced during exercise.  Water therapy aids joints lubrication which is very important for both daily functions and in preventing our body from injury during exercise.

Brain refresher and Colon cleanser

Water therapy refreshes the brain cells and cleanses the colon. Waterbenefitshealth, reports that water provides the brain with essential electrical energy that boosts memory processes and thought processing, and assists in reducing many health challenges in the brain. Other benefits of water therapy on the brain include promotion of more focused mind and better creativity.

A special important result of water therapy is that it cleanses the colon, making the body much more efficient to absorb nutrients from the food we eat. When water is taken on an empty stomach in the morning, it can easily move throughout the digestive system, purifying the colon. By purifying the colon, the body is able to absorb nutrients from meals easier, which leads to increased energy and feeling of better overall health.

Water therapy is simply good, and it is better experienced. So it is not late if you start today.

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